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Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavours in the UK

Updated: Feb 25

Sampling cake flavours and choosing your wedding cake flavour is a key and exciting part of creating your wedding cake. In fact, cake tasting is often cited as one of the best elements of arranging a wedding. Understandably - who doesn’t like to eat cake?!

Not so long ago, the typical wedding cake would be made of fruit cake which can be stored after the wedding without it starting to ‘go off’. Couple's would keep the top tier of the wedding cake and cut it at the christening of their first child.

Wedding cake flavours offered by cake designers are now more wide ranging, unique and delicious. Long gone is the traditional fruit cake that would last

months and keep granny happy - couples are now opting for more exciting and extraordinary flavour combinations. Different dietary needs are also more widely catered for such as gluten free and vegan cake flavours. You can see a list of my vegan and gluten free options on my wedding cake flavours page. The choice of flavours available nowadays is so numerous that it can be tricky to choose from. Spend five minutes on Pinterest and you will get showered with ideas for wedding cakes!

Vanilla raspberry | Black Forest gateaux | Vanilla salted caramel

More and more wedding cakes and cake makers now have modern and unique flavours to sample from chocolate or red velvet to tropical flavours such as coconut and passionfruit. Take a look at the top 7 wedding cake flavours below and see a full list of my classic and unique wedding cake flavours to see which ones you might choose?

So what are the most popular wedding cake flavours?

Vanilla Wedding Cake

A light vanilla bean sponge wedding cake with a choice of fruit fillings such as raspberry or strawberry is a classic and delicious choice that is guaranteed to please most of your wedding guests. It is by far the most popular wedding cake flavour in the UK!

Combining vanilla cake with a sweet salted caramel has become a popular choice in the last few years. Nearly every cake maker will offer this wedding cake flavour choice which can also be made gluten free and vegan too.

slice of vanilla and raspberry cake
Vanilla flavoured wedding cake

Chocolate Wedding Cake

Who doesn’t like chocolate cake? There is white chocolate, milk chocolate, praline, dark chocolate, you name it - it can be done! Chocolate is one of the most popular choices for wedding cake. You can even go a few steps further and enrich the cake with orange or mint. Here at Birch House Bakery I offer a choice of delicious white chocolate with strawberry and thyme, chocolate and vanilla, chocolate salted caramel and a black forest gateaux.

Red Velvet Wedding Cake

Whilst not as popular as vanilla cake or chocolate cake, red velvet cake is still requested by many couples. Red velvet is the colour of love after all! Red velvet cake is usually a deliciously moist cake, with hints of chocolate flavour and filled with some vanilla buttercream. Most wedding cake designers can make a red velvet wedding cake, and it's on our flavour menu too!

Lemon Wedding Cake

Lemon wedding cakes have become another of the most popular wedding cake flavours over the past few years. Especially since The Sussexes Harry and Megan chose a lemon wedding cake combined with elderflower for their royal wedding back in 2018. The lemony citrus flavour is perfect cake flavour for spring and summer weddings. The cake is usually light, and not too rich. Imagine adding strawberries or raspberries to the mix!

Coconut & Lime Wedding Cake

Coconut cake is a little more unique but a firm favourite for a wedding cake. It's a light coconut sponge and can be combined with a number of tropical fillings, such as mango, passionfruit or lime. Ideal for a summer wedding when you want a wedding cake that is light and slightly different from the traditional vanilla. We've made our a little different here with a slightly Asian twist by combining coconut cake with black sesame and mango and passionfruit! This flavour is also a great option if you plan on serving cake as dessert portions.

Carrot Wedding Cake

Carrot cake is another great choice for couple who like a light moist cake. Carrot cake is lightly spiced and contains lots of carrots as well as nuts, making it a healthier choice too. The whipped buttercream frosting usually brings out the flavours of this delicious cake. It's definitely one of my favourite cakes, especially with a cup of tea or glass of champagne!

5 layered chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream on a wooden cake stand
Chocolate and vanilla bean cake

Ginger Cake

Another spiced cake that is fragrant and denser than a vanilla. Made with ginger, cinnamon and cloves its combines warm flavours making it perfect for a winter or autumn wedding cake. Here at Birch House Bakery we combine our ginger cake with a rich white chocolate buttercream that compliments the spices and brings a lovely sweetness.

Combine your favourite cake flavours in your wedding cake

With the average wedding cake being a three tier wedding cake you can choose different cake flavours for each tier. Many couples have different flavours in their wedding cake to please themselves as well at their wedding guests. You could have the bottom tier in vanilla, for example (as the crowd pleaser), the middle tier in chocolate, and the top tier in something more unique like coconut. Any option is possible really!

Wedding Cake Tastings

Before you select your wedding cake flavours make sure you sample some of your cake makers flavours beforehand. Typically cake makers send out wedding cake sample boxes several times a year with a selection of pre-chosen flavours for you to sample in the comfort of your home.

Take some time, invite family or friends over and enjoy tasting delicious cake with a glass of bubbles to inspire your wedding cake flavours!

Here at Birch House Bakery in West Sussex we offer wedding cake sample boxes several times a year and you can see more information about what's inside my sample boxes by taking a look at my wedding cake tasting page.

Should you want a wedding cake designed for you please don’t hesitate to contact me and I'll be happy to create a stunning cake for you. Birch House Cake Design is based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, UK.

Erin x


Who is Erin - Wedding Cake Maker in Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Hi, I'm Erin and I started my wedding and celebration cake business Birch House Bakery in 2016. With 9 years of cake making and design experience I am passionate about creating romantic, stylish cakes that taste exquisite. I strive to adopt an ethos of sustainability in my work by sourcing ingredients from local and British suppliers and using biodegradable products.

Please do get in touch to discuss any upcoming cake orders and your requirements. Birch House Bakery is based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, UK.

Find out more about Erin.

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