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Wedding Cake Stand Ideas; A guide to choosing the right cake stand for your wedding.

Are you commissioning a bespoke wedding cake that's costing you 100's of pounds? If so you need to also consider how your wedding cake is presented including what style of wedding cake stand you choose.


For a wedding cake, it's best to choose a cake stand that complements the overall style and theme of the wedding. Some popular options include a classic white tiered cake stand, a sleek and modern acrylic cake stand or plinth, or a rustic wooden cake stand.


It's important to choose a cake stand that is sturdy and able to support the weight of the wedding cake, and that provides a stable base for the cake to sit on. Additionally, consider the size and shape of the cake stand in relation to the size and shape of the wedding cake, to ensure that the cake fits properly on the stand and is in proportion.


The presentation of your cake is as important as the cake itself, especially for your wedding cake cutting moment and the photos you will have for a lifetime. This article shows you lots of wedding cake stand ideas you might want to consider for your wedding cake.


Types of Wedding Cake Stand


There are lots of different types of wedding cake stands available to purchase or hire. If you are commissioning your wedding cake from a professional wedding cake designer you can ask them if they have wedding cake stands to hire, and what they think might best suit your wedding cake.

Some popular options for wedding cake stands include those listed below. Let’s look at each and see what you might want to consider for your wedding cake design.

  • Modern Wedding Cake Stands

  • Rustic or Wooden Wedding Cake Stands

  • Plinth Wedding Cake Stands

  • Wedding Cake Hoop Stands

  • Traditional Wedding Cake Stands

  • Gold Wedding Cake Stands


Modern Wedding Cake Stands

Two tier modern cake on slim white cake stand
Stiletto Cake Stand (Cake by CakedbyCatherine)

Modern wedding cake stands are a popular option for couples who want to create a contemporary and unique wedding cake display. These stands come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and can be customized to fit your specific style preferences and wedding theme.

One of the defining features of modern wedding cake stands is their minimalist and streamlined design. These stands often feature clean lines, simple shapes, and a lack of ornate details or embellishments. This creates a sleek and sophisticated look that is perfect for more modern and minimalist weddings.

Modern wedding cake stands can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, acrylic, glass, or even wood. Some modern stands feature geometric shapes or unusual materials, such as concrete or marble, to create a truly unique and eye-catching display.

Another trend in modern wedding cake stands is the use of unconventional shapes and designs. For example, some modern stands feature multiple tiers of varying shapes and sizes, or asymmetrical designs that create a dynamic and visually interesting display.

The UK based company Prop Options supplies many different types of modern wedding cake stands for tiered wedding cakes that a purpose build to support the weight of larger cakes. This statement black wedding cake by Cake Buds is on a clear acrylic stand which compliments the cake design perfectly.

Wooden and Rustic Wedding Cake Stands


Wooden wedding cake stands add a natural, rustic touch to a wedding cake display and are perfect for an outdoor, woodland, natural wedding feel. These rustic style stands can be made from a variety of woods, including oak, pine, birch, and more, and can be left unfinished for a natural, rustic look or painted or stained.

Two tier natural floral cake on a wooden slice log stand
Wooden Log Stand

One of the advantages of using a wooden cake stand is that it can be customized. They can for example be carved or decorated with intricate designs or personalized messages to create a truly unique and memorable display.

Wooden cake stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used to display both single-tiered and multi-tiered cakes. They are a durable and sturdy option that can safely support even heavy wedding cakes.

Wooden wedding cake stand often compliment naked and semi naked style wedding cakes adorned with fresh flowers and fresh fruits. Couples can also choose to add additional decorations or embellishments to their rustic cake display. For example, fresh flowers, greenery, or fruit can be used to decorate the cake stand and add an extra pop of colour and texture to compliment the cake.


Plinth Wedding Cake Stand


Plinths for displaying wedding cakes have become a popular modern look for many weddings. They offer an alternative to the traditional round or square table covered with a tablecloth and can really elevate your wedding cake presentation.

Four tier wild flower wedding cake on clear plinth cake stand filled with fresh flowers
Clear Acrylic Plinth Stand filled with fresh flowers


They provide a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, aligning perfectly with the clean lines and minimalist design elements often favoured in modern weddings. The simplicity of a plinth allows the focus to remain on the cake itself, emphasizing its modern design features and intricate details. Additionally, plinths elevate the cake, creating a sense of prominence and importance within the reception space, which is particularly fitting for modern couples who prioritize style and sophistication.

Cake plinths are also very versatile, as they can be dressed to match the scheme or theme of the wedding, seamlessly integrating into the overall décor. Whether it's a chic acrylic plinth or a white stand plinth, these modern bases provide a stylish and practical solution for showcasing wedding cakes in a contemporary setting. Dress them with draped fabric and showcase some florals or candles at the base to create a stunning setting for your cake and backdrop for your wedding cake cutting photos.

Wedding Cake Hoop Stand

Wedding cake hoop stands are a great option for couples who want to add a unique touch to their wedding cake display. These stands consist of a metal hoop that is suspended over the cake, creating a dramatic and eye-catching effect.

Hoop stands come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be made from materials like metal or acrylic. You can then decorate the hoop with flowers, greenery, or other decorative elements to match your wedding's colour scheme and design.

One of the benefits of using a hoop stand for a wedding cake is that it allows the cake to be displayed in a way that is both elegant and compliments the cake. The hoop creates a visual frame around the cake, allowing guests to see the cake from all angles without any distracting elements in the way.

While hoop stands are a popular option for couples who want to add a modern and unique touch to their wedding décor.



Gold Wedding Cake Stands

Gold wedding cake stands are a perfect for couples who want to add a touch of luxury and elegance to their wedding cake display. These stands are typically made from metal, such as brass or gold-plated steel, and can come in a variety of sizes and designs to fit the couple's specific needs and preferences.

Gold wedding cake stand is that it creates a glamorous and sophisticated look that is perfect for more formal and upscale weddings. Gold stands can also be used to complement other gold accents in the wedding decor, such as gold tableware, candlesticks, or floral arrangements.

Gold wedding cake stands can come in a variety of shapes and designs, from simple and understated to ornate and intricate. Some gold stands feature additional decorative elements like crystals, pearls, or intricate scrollwork to create an extra touch of opulence and glamour.


Traditional Wedding Cake Stands


You will find that many wedding venue will offer you a complimentary wedding cake stand to display your cake, typically on a round table with a plain white table cloth. This cake stand is often the old-fashioned large round or square flat silver stand that more often is too large for modern style wedding cakes. If you are no overly concerned about your cake display these are a cheap or free option for displaying your cake.


There are also more classic style traditional wedding cake stands that can really elevate your wedding cake. These milk glass or melanine cake stands come in a variety of gorgeous colours to choose from or keep it classic with a white stand. Providng more hieghtt than the old fashioned silver cake stand they are a popular option for cake stands in the UK. Their elegant simplicity in design does not distract from the cake design and fits well as a look in many settings from country house wedding venues to barn wedding venues.


Tiered Wedding Cake Stand

Two tier white wedding cake and donuts
Wedding Cake and Donuts Cake Stand

Tiered wedding cake stands consist of multiple tiers or layers, each with a flat surface that can support a single wedding cake or several smaller cakes, such as wedding cupcakes.

Tiered wedding cake stands come in a variety of materials, including metal, acrylic, and wood, and can be decorated with additional elements like flowers, ribbons, or greenery to create a personalized. These wedding cake stands are a unique display for your smaller wedding cakes complimented with cupcakes, donuts or other treats such as brownies.


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