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Long Wedding Cakes - The newest wedding cake trend for 2025

Updated: Jun 5

This cool emerging trend for long wedding and celebration cakes (or sheet cakes / wedding cake bars as they are also known) is here to make a statement for weddings in 2025 and beyond.


This modern wedding cake style, born from bakers stateside, proves a more fun and immersive experience for your guests. This trend is part of a movement towards making wedding cakes a centerpiece of the celebration. Long wedding cakes can be cut and served informally (rather than deconstructed in a kitchen). Gather your guests around, grab a plate and tuck in!

Long sheet wedding cake with a textured white buttercream, fresh flowers and fruits
Long Sheet Wedding Cake by Birch House Cake Design

The long sheet wedding cake takes fresh persecptvive on the traditional tiered wedding cake. It's typically vibrant, relaxed and a delicous feast for the eye. If you're looking for a playful alternative to a classic wedding cake or dessert style option for your wedding guests this type of cake could be the perfect choice.

Wedding sheet cake with textured buttercream and fresh flowers
Sheet Wedding Cake by Gallzprovisions

Lenght of wedding cakes

How long can you go? There is no limit - well maybe the size of your table, and your guest count! Ideal for a large wedding or a more initamte affiar.

A starting size for a sheet style wedding cake would be a rectangle about 1 foot long serving a small wedding party of 35 guests. Double this to a 2 foot long wedding cake serving approximatley 70 guests. Take it to 3 foot and you are serving 105 guests - the average wedding guest count for UK weddings. Four foot would serve 140 wedding guests. You get the gist - every foot serves around 35 generous portions.

And, with each addiational foot or 12 inches of cake you can indulge in a different wedding cake flavour to enjoy. Some of our favourite wedding cake flavours for 2024 have included - tiramisu, lemon elderflower, and the return of the retro but oh so delicious red velvet cake.

Cutting a wedding sheet cake with fresh flowers
Lemon & Elderflower Sheet Cake

Long wedding cake styles

Starting with a white, or if you like coloured base, these sheet cakes are best dressed in a relaxed, informal style. Adorn with fresh flowers or edible blooms. Add some fresh fruits and why not some cool modern piping techniques like this cake below from Beyond the Frosting.

The beauty of this cake style is the creative expression it offers to fit with your wedding day aesthetic. I'd love to see one in all white with bows, piping and pearl details!

Sheet wedding cake in bright pinks and yellow
Sheet wedding cake in bright colours by Beyond the Frosting

Perfect for the modern day wedding - take a look through some of these styles to inspire your long wedding cake look. Make it minimal or maximal - its up to you!

Sheet wedding cakes from top left: @gallzprovisions ; @sunday.flourshop ; ; @picnicbakedgoods : @birchhousebakery ; @ roxannerosensteel

Are you bold enough to buck the traditional tiered wedding cake and opt for the elongated sheet wedding cake? Get in touch to discuss how you can make this your cake moment.


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